Kito (E4812) Casual slippers

Stylish design for teenage lifestyle. The upper floor is designed to support the foot. The impact and weight of the wearer. Lower floor made of natural rubber material. Rugged and adherent to all surfaces. Easy to clean Can wear for any occasion.

Product Specification

Upper Fabric (Upper) is made of PVC, designed to give a sense of modernity. Fabric inside (lining) with EVA material for soft touch. Prevents sweat and water absorption very well. Which causes Of the bacteria Cause odors. The insole is made of EVA material, through innovative design (Flex), making the movement feel more natural and flexible. Midsole with EVA material to support the foot, impact and weight of the wearer. Outsole is made from natural rubber. Designed to accommodate new innovations (Flex) to streamline wear.


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